Hiring a Portland magician for a company occasion or birthday celebration may be a tough challenge. There are so many to choose from. How do you discover the quality magician to your party? Portland offers specific magic opportunities, but additionally has extra than its share of problems.

Here are 3 hiring recommendations, to help you make the proper desire for your subsequent corporate event.

Magician-Hiring Tip #1
Portland has extra than its fare proportion of magic golf equipment. You have the whole lot from the Society of American Magicians to the International Brotherhood of Magicians… And a few exceptional ones in between. Add the conferences and conventions, like Portland Magic Jam, Magic Fest, the Pacific Coast American Magicians Convention, and you have a glut of magicians.

So, which club should you visit, in order to find a expert magician?

My recommendation is to avoid all of these clubs. Face it, clubs are certainly for amateurs. You need a expert — not someone who is not anything more than a legend in his personal thoughts. (A couple of years ago, I went a assembly/occasion in Portland. There had been over one hundred magicians. And ninety% of the men that spoke bored us to demise. Imagine their acts.)

And in case you ask the club member for a reference, 달리는토끼 be assured you’ll get his friend… Not always the quality on your corporate occasion.

So, live faraway from the clubs. Start with recommendations from different Portland agencies — discover companies who have had activities at McMenamins, Jake’s, or different Portland venues. (Playing the Rose Garden is not necessarily suitable to your occasion. If you are from Portland, then you understand.)

Also, look on the internet for professional Portland magicians.


Magician-Hiring Tip #2
Don’t rent the first Portland magician which you find. Let me rephrase that… Once you discover a acting magician, your research has just all started. For a few reason, there are a number of birthday magicians in Portland who “want” to transport into the corporate global; alas, a corporation celebration desires some thing one-of-a-kind than the bunny produced on the stop of the youngsters’ celebration.

You want to peer references. More than that, you want proper references — human beings you may touch. (Other Portland corporations.)

What you don’t need are the references written with the aid of the magician’s first-rate friends or household. Also, the nearby church or retirement home are not what you want to look, at this point. Of path, charities cherished the performance. It turned into at no cost.

Obtain references, real Oregon groups — Umpqua Bank, the Portland Trailblazers, Wyatt’s Eatery, and so on. — and then call or email the contacts. Ask pointed questions. For example, “Was there some thing that might had been stepped forward? Or had been there any hassles managing this magician?”

Magician-Hiring Tip #3
See samples from the Pacific Northwest; I’ll tell you why it is essential in a minute. Make positive the samples show the target market reaction. Does the magician have video clips posted everywhere online? If not, could he or she ship you a CD-ROM with a sample overall performance or advertising?

Look at the magic; determine the target audience interplay and reaction; choose leisure fee. Is this what you want on your occasion?

Make positive you’re looking at video samples from your place — Oregon, the Pacific Northwest. It does you no desirable to sea a cruise deliver overall performance, where each person is in a festive, ship mood, inside the Mediterranean. Nor do you need a sample of a road overall performance at the sidewalks of New York. Again, it is no longer consultant of your venue or target audience.

In Oregon, we’ve a casual manner of dressing, even at greater formal activities. We also are laid back — and we pull away from the greater “in-your-face” personalities, typical of the East Coast magicians. We also lack numerous accents associated with one of a kind parts of the country.

This is some other instance of selecting local over global. A Portland magician will tailor the humor… Have the inner song at the spectators and what they enjoy looking. The “flavor” of the act could be a higher in shape. With a person from a different part of the country, the excellent you could wish for is a incredibly lame insertion of the the Burnside Bridge or the Willamette River; it’s canned humor.

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